Club Objectives

  • To encourage players in secondary school first elevens to play with and against experienced players, many of whom are present or past first-class cricketers.
  • To offer quality cricket to cricket lovers in a country atmosphere, where families may come to watch and picnic.


Founders, Committee etc

Club Founders

Baker C.K. Dormer M.E.
Bromley R.C. Dormer P.E.
Brooke H.D.E. Fairbairn R.J.R.
Bull C.L. Fairbairn W.R.T.
Cowles R.J. Hadlee B.G.
Dormer B.L. Harris P.D


Hon Secretary

McRae A.R.

Hon Treasurer

Sheard A. J

Committee Members

Baker C.K. Dormer P.E.
Bromley R.C. Fairbairn R.J.R.
Brooke H.D.E. Fairbairn W.R.T.
Bull C.L. Gibson S.D.
Burrell D.C. Hadlee B.G.
Cowles R.J. (Aust) Harris P.D.
Dormer B.L. McEwan P.E.
Dormer M.E


Annual Reports

Annual Report: 2013-2014

Annual Report: 2012-2013

Annual Report: 2011-2012

Annual Report: 2010-2011

Annual Report: 2009-2010

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